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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Things you should not do while studying for the exam -Exam Tips

Today I’m going to share with you an important article that is “Things you should not do while studying for the exam”

#1: “Don't copy others”

Follow your own time table and be consistent. Don’t copy the timetable framed by your friend, it might be controversial to you.

 At the time he has planned to study you might be busy in other kinds of work…

 Be cautious of night-owl persons do not follow them. Take enough sleep but not too much.

Avoiding sleep increases the risk of disorders like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity.

 #2: “Don’t change your books”

During the period of studying for the examination, we all had a habit of calling the friend asking him about exam preparation, books he is using, the syllabus finished or not.

 And if he told I had finished the syllabus using xyz books .we starting thinking in our mind perhaps the books that he has consulted are easy that is why he had completed the syllabus earlier.

Later we also start preparing from the same book which results in the storage of newly studied information into short term memory and makes our mind frustrated while answering the questions during the time examination.

#3: “Stop doing mugging up be logical”

Most students use the technique of mugging up the subjects before exams for getting higher marks.

 But according to my perspective, those marks are useless and will spoil your bright career.

Try to get your concepts clear, it may take time but once your concepts are clear you will be free from the time-wasting mugging up process.
#4: “Say goodbye to junk foods”
Eating a lot of junk foods especially during the examination may make you feel sleepy and sick.

So take light meals during the period of exam preparation.

“Health is like oil of a car and without oil, a car cannot even start”. So try to stay healthy...

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